AES demonstrate new Wheel Alignment Equipment at Showcase Event

oad Transport Expo 2023 took place at NAEC Stoneleigh from June 28 to June 30, serving as a bustling hub for professionals in the automotive industry to explore the latest advancements.

AES, a well-established provider of workshop equipment for commercial vehicles with almost two decades of experience, was one of the notable exhibitors at the event.

AES UK Ltd made a significant impact at the expo by showcasing their top-of-the-line commercial wheel alignment equipment. They also introduced a groundbreaking handheld tire tread depth measurement scanner called the TreadReader HD.

Recognizing the crucial role that wheels, tires, and axles play in the efficiency and performance of commercial vehicles, AES UK Ltd aims to optimize vehicle efficiency through their innovative wheel alignment equipment. Proper wheel alignment ensures that the wheels are positioned at the correct angles, enabling them to roll smoothly in the intended direction with minimal resistance. AES understands that different commercial vehicles have varying wheel alignment settings and specifications, so they offer tailored solutions to accurately align each type of vehicle.

As the official UK distributor for Josam, AES provides a range of professional commercial vehicle aligners, induction heaters, and collision repair systems. Their wheel alignment packages utilize advanced tracking gauges that hang from the chassis or fixed position floor-mounted I-track systems using the centerline principle. Furthermore, AES’ commercial vehicle aligners are equipped with heavy-duty turn plates and receive OEM training, guaranteeing precise and reliable results. Josam wheel alignment systems are renowned for their proven technology and are used in numerous heavy-duty OEM factory facilities worldwide.

One of the highlights of AES’ exhibition at Road Transport Expo 2023 was the introduction of their revolutionary TreadReader HD. This compact handheld 3D scanner has completely transformed tire tread depth measurement for all types of commercial vehicles. The TreadReader HD employs patented tire measurement technology, generating detailed 3D scans of each tire with an impressive 320,000 measurement points. With a remarkable accuracy of less than 0.2mm or 0.008 inches, the TreadReader HD surpasses traditional dip gauges and non-contact “laser pointer” measurement devices in terms of precision and reliability.

The TreadReader HD produces highly detailed 3D images that provide a comprehensive view of tire tread conditions. This advanced device empowers service providers to accurately assess tire wear, identify potential issues, and recommend appropriate maintenance or replacements.

To simplify the process, the TreadReader HD comes with TreadManager, a user-friendly cloud-based management platform available for Android® and iOS® devices. This application guides users through the scanning process, streamlines setup, and facilitates data storage for easy access to reports. There are no additional costs or ongoing subscription fees associated with the TreadManager platform.

The integration of the TreadReader HD HandHeld with the TreadManager platform offers a comprehensive tire management solution. The cloud-based system allows service managers to store tire scans, view comprehensive reports, print necessary documentation, and effortlessly share data via email. The TreadManager platform not only enhances service productivity but also opens new opportunities for increasing sales.

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