Award Recognizes Open Country ATIII Tire for Automotive Excellence

The prestigious Nikkan Jidosha Shimbun Goods Award, established in 1987, celebrates products that have made significant contributions to the automotive goods industry.

This year, the awards are being presented for the 36th time, with car parts released between April 2022 and June 2023 eligible for consideration. The selection process takes into account various factors such as sales volume, development concepts, relevance, industry impact, and societal considerations. The selection committee also incorporates feedback from car parts retailers and maintenance outlets to ensure a comprehensive and objective evaluation.

Winning the tire category award this year is the Open Country ATIII, an All Terrain tire designed to provide confident driving in diverse weather and road conditions. Following its successful introduction in the North American market, where SUVs thrive, it garnered strong support. The tire was subsequently launched in Japan in 2022 and made its way to the European market this year.

The Open Country ATIII boasts a robust pattern design with large blocks strategically placed on the tread, ensuring stability and comfort on roads while delivering reliable performance on uneven surfaces like campsites and forest roads. It also meets the stringent requirements of the Three Peaks Mountain Snowflake Mark (3PMSF), guaranteeing its winter performance and making it suitable for year-round use. The tire’s ability to combine both design and performance benefits, particularly in the all-season, all-terrain category, has generated significant interest and led to its highly regarded evaluation.

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