BKT’s new Ridemax FL 615

Heavy equipment including spreaders, tank trucks, and other trailers are frequently used in modern farming to do tasks in the fields and on the road.

Farmers may find it difficult to select the best tyre to handle a variety of various chores and circumstances. The Ridemax FL 615 radial flotation tyre was created by the international off-highway tyre manufacturer BKT in India for the free-rolling trailer, tanker, and spreader wheels.

The steel-belted structure of the Ridemax FL 615 delivers strong puncture resistance, increased durability, and high load capacity. Its rounded shoulder and huge footprint area aid in soil compaction, making it suitable for grassland use. Its low rolling resistance and excellent self-cleaning qualities make it ideal for transporting huge loads and weights.

One of the Ridemax FL 615’s main advantages is its ability to float over loose soil or grassland, giving both traction and soil protection. As a result, it is a useful asset for farmers who must travel vast distances between plots while still protecting the soil.

The Ridemax FL 615 is now available in size: 800/65 R 32

Visit https://www.bkt-tires.com/us/us/ridemax-fl-615 for more.

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