ContiAttack SM 2: Street tyres with track credibility

The ContiAttack SM 2 has a unique selling point: a road-legal tire that is developed specifically for the supermoto segment and ideal for a trip to the track.

Raphael Michels, Product Manager for Motorcycle Tyres at Continental: “A tyre for light but powerful supermotos has to meet completely different requirements than a touring or sports tyre: What counts here is optimal stability and damping when constantly changing between extreme braking and brutal acceleration in the typical supermoto driving style. It’s also about traction in maximum lean angles as well as short warm-up times for immediate confidence and strong grip even on wet roads. The ContiAttack SM 2 handles all of this perfectly – and is also approved for everyday use on public roads.”

Innovations for maximum driving pleasure

The ContiAttack SM 2 is based on Continental’s sportiest carcass and is inspired by the premium tyre manufacturer’s racing slicks, the ContiTrack. The low negative proportion of the profile guarantees the highest possible lean angle performance. The new supermoto tyre pulverizes the lap times of its predecessor on the Continental test track, primarily on wet roads, and completes the reference course around three percent faster. It also keeps the previous generation of tyres at bay on a dry track and covers the test lap around two percent faster. In addition, the ContiAttack SM 2 manages significantly more track runs than its predecessor – especially thanks to its increased tread depth at the front and rear.

The main reasons for the leap in performance compared to the ContiAttack SM EVO are two technologies:

The innovative GripLimitFeedback technology increases the safety level in extreme lean angles, as it ensures precise feedback about jumps in the coefficient of friction and the interlocking of the tyre with the road. This brings a higher level of control and more trust at the limit.

RainGrip stands for excellent wet grip optimization – made possible by a specially activated silica mixture. The result: the best possible grip down to the microscopic level of the road surface, even under difficult conditions. The new silica compound on the front tyre also improves wet grip in cold and slippery conditions without negatively affecting mileage.

The new ContiAttack SM 2 will be available from the first quarter of 2024 in the dimensions 120/70 R 17 (front) and 160/60 R 17 (rear). From the second half of 2024, the dimensions 110/70 R 17 (front) as well as 140/70 R 17 and 150/60 R 17 (rear) will complete the range.

Third generation evolution

The ContiAttack SM 2 benefits from the experience that Continental has gained in the supermoto segment since 2011 with the introduction of the ContiAttack SM and its successor ContiAttack SM EVO in 2018. In terms of construction, the latest model relies on a solid basic construction of the carcass as well as a larger contact area for more comfort and better grip when braking at extreme lean angles.

For the first time, the BlackChili Compound is used in a supermoto tyre – Continental’s exclusive tread compound, which is based on the latest findings in polymer and raw material research. Continental’s tyreire engineers combine newly developed synthetic rubbers to create a high-performance tread compound that is mixed with nanometric soot particles. Surface and shape properties can be individually adapted to the desired tyre usage. As a result, the BlackChili Compound enables better grip and increased mileage. In addition, tyres with the Continental BlackChili Compound come up to temperature more quickly.

Still up to date: Proven technologies from predecessors

Like its predecessors, the ContiAttack SM 2 also features MultiGrip technology for a homogeneous gradation of grip levels with a single compound. This means that no annoying transitions between different compounds are noticeable when moving from the central tread area to the shoulder. TractionSkin eliminates the hassle of starting the new tyre and – thanks to the micro-rough tread – offers grip from the first meter. The ZeroDegree 0° steel belt construction with alignment of the belt position on the carcass on the front and rear tyres in the direction of travel guarantees excellent stability at high speeds and low kickback tendency.

“The new ContiAttack SM 2 demonstrates Continental’s technological lead in the segment as a road-legal supermoto tyre. During development, we have succeeded in significantly improving lap times in both dry and wet conditions. At the same time, we have achieved up to 28 percent higher mileage for longer riding fun per set of tyres. Its extremely sporty tyre compound with GripLimitFeedback technology makes our tyre very predictable for the supermoto riding style and completes the sporty appearance with its aggressive design,” says Rafael Kascha, Product Developer of Motorcycle Tyres for Continental.

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