Continental Acquires Mold Specialist for CV and Specialty Tyres

Continental has acquired the mold manufacturing specialist EMT Púchov s.r.o. based in Slovakia. Acquisition completes Continental's portfolio for mold making technology.

All shares of Continental’s long-standing supplier were transferred to Continental effective April 2, 2024. The tyre manufacturer had entered into a respective agreement with EMT’s shareholders, Dynamic Design (Romania) being the majority shareholder. All 107 employees, who have specialist knowledge in mold manufacturing, have been taken on by Continental. Further details of the agreement were not disclosed. EMT is a manufacturer of special tyre molds, especially for commercial vehicle and specialty tyres. The company specializes in the milling of molds made of steel. With the acquisition of EMT, Continental completes its internal portfolio for mold making technologies. From now on, the tyre manufacturer can independently produce tyre molds for all applications if required. A first major step in this direction was the takeover of German mold manufacturer A-Z Formen in 2015 and Czech mold specialist VFC in 1993. Both companies specialize in producing molds for passenger car tyres.

“With the acquisition of EMT, we can act completely independently in mold making if required. Having expertise for all mold applications in house is a strategic advantage, given the economic uncertainties worldwide,” said Dr. Bernhard Trilken, Head of Production and Logistics at Continental’s Tyre group sector.

Molds are used in tyre construction as part of the vulcanization of tyres. In this production step, raw rubber is converted into a flexible and elastic rubber. With the help of molds, a tyre gets its desired stability and shape.

“We are excited about the technological reinforcement that the EMT team brings to the table. As a long-standing partner, the relationship with Continental is already close,” said Julia Sadrina, who is responsible for production of tyre molds and machinery worldwide for Continental’s tyre business.

Continental consistently invests in the digitalization and automation of its global manufacturing operations at its 20 tyre plants in 16 countries worldwide. The focus lies on research and development of innovative technologies, alternative materials, environmentally friendly production as well continuous improvements of the overall efficiency of logistics processes. By 2050 at the latest, the tyre manufacturer aims to achieve 100 percent climate neutrality along its entire value chain.

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