Continental Launches 10-Year Warranty for Agricultural Tyres

Continental has taken a significant step in supporting its agricultural tyres, including harvester tyres, by introducing a 10-year warranty.

This warranty offers farmers reassurance in case of any unlikely materials or manufacturing failures and also covers potential damage caused by stubble and field hazards.

One of the main challenges faced by farmers with agricultural tyres is unexpected damage during field use and issues with the tyre’s composition. Tom Godwin, Continental UK Sales Manager, emphasized the importance of durable tyres in modern farming practices, where any downtime due to tyre failures can be costly. To address these concerns, Continental has rigorously tested its agricultural tyres to meet higher tolerances and is confident in providing customers with a 10-year warranty.

The warranty applies to all Continental TractorMaster and CombineMaster tyres, including the very high flexion (VF) and hybrid tyres produced since August 1st, 2017, in the company’s specialized manufacturing facility near Lousado, Portugal.

Continental has invested €2.5 million in an agriculture-focused research and evaluation center to develop tyres that address farmers’ specific needs. The introduction of this warranty reflects the company’s belief in its research and commitment to assisting buyers if a tyre does not meet their expectations.

The CombineMaster harvester tyre boasts a unique Hexa bead construction, which enhances road safety and reduces soil compaction in the fields. Like the TractorMaster tyre, it incorporates Continental’s patented N.Flex Technology, a nylon layer beneath the rubber that helps the tyre regain its original shape after impacts and heavy use.

Mr. Godwin highlighted the challenges of high temperatures that tractor and combine tyres face during road use at harvest time. These tyres can develop flat spots when parked overnight, causing ride disturbances for operators. However, N.Flex technology reduces the occurrence of flat spots, providing a more comfortable ride while also protecting the tyres from potential damage.

With this comprehensive 10-year warranty and innovative tyre technologies, Continental aims to provide farmers with the reliability and performance they need for their agricultural operations.

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