Could the right tyres be the solution to the chaos on Britain’s roads?

The UK is currently in the middle of a winter blast, with snowfall and temperatures of -13 degrees recorded in some parts of the country.

With schools shut and travel chaos reported in many regions of the country, UK drivers could benefit from using all season tyres year-round.

When temperatures drop, the choice of tyre could be the difference between getting to your destination or getting stranded. According to data collected by Goodyear in its Winter Driving Attitudes Survey, just 12%1 of Brits prepare for winter by changing from summer tyres to winter-ready tyres. This compares to 54% of German and 83% of Polish drivers.

This also leads to increased anxiety for drivers, which can lead to accidents and delays.

Andy Marfleet, Marketing Director UK&I, Goodyear, explains the importance of selecting the right tyre: “Tyres are the only component of a car that touches the ground. Tests have shown that a two wheel drive vehicle on all season tyres has more grip than a 4×4 on summer tyres when driving on snow and ice.

“Summer tyres are fantastic in the wet and dry, but when temperatures drop below seven degrees, an all season tyre is much better suited. Goodyear’s Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 has a softer compound structure thanks to its advanced molecular composition. Also, the shape of the tread allows the tyre to work like a claw on snow, giving excellent grip.

“Its advanced compound also delivers grip and safety in the summer months, too.”

Automotive publication Auto Express recently tested the Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 against a benchmark premium summer tyre2. On snow, the all season tyre had three times the braking grip and double during traction. Given the UK climate, testers concluded that “Goodyear [Vector 4Seasons Gen-3] is the best choice for the UK.”

Following the test result, Andy Marfleet commented: “When it comes to choosing between tyres for the colder, wetter UK months, there is no better product than Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-3. It was developed specifically to handle the wide range of conditions. Three times the braking grip is equivalent to around thirty meters when travelling at 30 miles per hour on snow and ice, or almost three bus lengths.

“The tyre performs excellently in the extreme dry and extreme wet. And, with it being the quietest and most fuel efficient, it’s also optimised for the latest generation of electric SUVs.”

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