Davanti secures new distribution in Brazil

Davanti Tyres has established a new, exclusive distribution partnership with major Brazilian tyre importer GF Pneus.

With more than 30 years’ heritage in the Brazilian market, GF Pneus is one of the 5 biggest tyre importers in the country, importing more than 120 containers per month.

The company is expanding with a new 14,000 sqm warehouse, holding more than 70,000 tyres, to bolster its nationwide distribution set up.

Amilcar Lanzon, Davanti sales representative for Latin America, said:

“Brazil is considered for any tyre manufacturer the jewel in the crown of South America – Brazil and Mexico are the largest economies in Latin America.

“GF Pneus is without question one of the main importers of tyres in Brazil. I had the opportunity to be in Brazil and see the great work that they do – they have a team of young people who know what they want in the world of tyres and we are sure that this will be a long lasting partnership.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for our brand. Without a doubt Davanti Tyres has found a great partner in that country.”
Anderson Heiderscheidt from GF Pneus, also commented on the new partnership:

“Since last year, when Amilcar started talking to us, I looked into Davanti as a brand and the really great work around the countries that it’s present in. Davanti board members are humble and big visionaries, working with a high-quality product, and a fantastic team for promoting the brand around the world.

“For us, it is a huge pleasure to start this partnership and be the exclusive Davanti distributor in Brazil. We will do strong work together here.”

GF Pneus plans to increase their Davanti distribution over the next few months, with marketing support from the international and UK team.

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