Dunlop unveils its next-generation all-season tyre

The Dunlop All Season 2 has been developed to compete in the value segment of the all-season market, projected to grow by an estimated 2 to 3% each year.

The new All Season 2 is designed to fit a range of modern vehicles, such as popular city cars and SUVs. It answers the needs of drivers who look for state-of-the-art products from a manufacturer adept at developing tyres that offer outstanding performance and boast extended longevity.

Supply began in February, and the new all-season tyre will be gradually available during 2024 in 59 SKUs between 14 and 19 inches.

Reliable performance in all weather conditions

More than 12,500 hours of research and development were spent on the tyre over an 18-month period, which included a mix of on-road and simulated tests.

This detailed development process results in the All Season 2 boasting excellent performance and offering good value for money, being defined as one of the key priorities by 51% of drivers as concluded in a recent consumer study2.

The tyre is packed with innovative technologies that provide competitive performance and mileage.

3D blading is a key design feature that enables lateral and longitudinal interlocking for increased stiffness as well as biting edges for better snow traction, thus providing effective braking in all weather conditions. All Season 2 also features an optimized carcass shape using robust structural materials to increase stability. This feature enhances handling on wet as well as on dry roads.

Meanwhile, the tyres contact patch is optimized to deliver a more uniform pressure distribution for longer lasting treadwear.

Sonia Leneveu, Director Marketing Consumer Europe, commented ahead of the Dunlop All Season 2 launch: “Dunlop is a powerful brand within the value segment of the market, so we are excited to unveil this next generation to the Dunlop range that marks a huge step forward in its all-season offering. With thousands of hours going into the development phase, the new tyre is packed with cutting-edge technology. This makes it ideal for the millions of drivers across Europe who like to prepare for the full range of weather conditions throughout the year.”

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