ENSO cuts EV tyre emission in TfL trial

Tyres designed specifically for electric vehicles (EVs) have been proven to reduce particulate matter emissions by up to 35% in a trial sponsored by Transport for London (TfL).

ENSO took part in real-world trials conducted as part of the TfL FreightLab Innovation Challenge. Its tyres outperformed standard-fit tyres for reducing emissions and also improved energy efficiency by up to 10%.

Results from the FreightLab trials show that EVs wear tyres at a faster rate than Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) counterparts. ENSO says the focus on emissions in cities now needs to shift towards tyre debris.

Rikesh Shah, head of open innovation at Transport for London (TfL), said: “By working with our Freightlab partners and innovators like ENSO, we’ve been able to trial a series of innovative solutions to help reduce the adverse impact of freight. One of FreightLab’s strategic aims was to find innovative solutions to minimise urban pollution by exploring new innovations. We’re pleased to see this promising new data and are excited to see how the market responds to this.”

During the 15-month trial, vehicles from participating fleets would be monitored every six weeks for total tyre mass loss against the miles driven, measuring total tyre emissions, in g/km.

The vehicles were operated by DPD and Royal Mail and included the Nissan eNV200 and Peugeot Partner EV.

Tyre Emission Data was collected in cooperation with Emissions Analytics.

A new Euro 7 emission standard for vehicle manufacturers will be introduced from 2025 and will include a minimum standard for tyre PM emissions for the first time.

Gunnlaugur Erlendsson, founder and CEO, ENSO said: “The results prove that innovative tyre technologies exist right now and can be a part of the solution towards realising a major goal of clean air being available to everyone. The time is now for the narrative around air pollution to shift away from tailpipe emissions. Tyre pollution is acute and under-reported, especially in urban areas, which is why we continue to work hard to progress forward with our mission, to get the entire tyre industry on board with a vision of better tyres for electric vehicles.”

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