Epyx and i247 partner on dealer tyre fitting

A new partnership will see Epyx’s Tyreserve technology being used to provide dealer-based fitting to i247’s fleet customers.

TyreServe, which allows any of its registered 4,000 franchise or independent dealers with a workshop to offer tyre fitting, is being added to the panel of suppliers used by i247 to offer tyre management to its fleet clients.

Tim Meadows, chief commercial officer at Epyx, said: “TyreServe is a specialist add-on tyre management service module for our 1Link Service Network platform, which is used by fleets totalling more than four million vehicles to manage their service and maintenance needs.

“It exists as a complementary service to the mainstream fleet tyre sector, enabling dealers to provide tyre fitments at competitive prices at times when it is more convenient to the driver, such as the vehicle already being in for routine maintenance or where the usual tyre fitment partner does not have stock. It’s ideal for i247’s needs and is already being used by some major fleets.”

The outsourcing feature within TyreServe will be utilised to allow tyre authorisations to be automatically passed to i247 to be approved and billed directly, removing the need for a resource-heavy pay-and-reclaim process, said i247 group.

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