Giti sponsored truck team Holten delivers real life four-by-four

Giti-sponsored Truck Team Holten’s has given new meaning to the term 4x4 when their modified Mercedes 1622 800HP finished in fourth place in the Rallye Breslau while completing its fourth consecutive year on one set of Giti tyres.

The Netherlands-based team entered two vehicles in the Cross Country Trucks category, with the
Mercedes team recording five top three finishes in a field of 10 while the Scania 4×4 630 started well,
completing the prologue and the first two legs before having to withdraw with significant engine damage.

As in previous years both vehicles were on Giti GAO897 tyres in size 14.00R20. Officially positioned as
a Mixed Service offer, it is designed to work across a wide range of air pressures to optimise
performance in different conditions and in temperatures ranging from 55˚C to a minimum of -40˚C.

The tyre features robust blocks and wide longitudinal grooves in combination and extra deep grooves to
provide excellent traction and stability to climb over any obstacle. Furthermore a reinforced tread
compound provides advanced anti-cut properties and high abrasion resistance.

Held every year in Poland and described as the ‘Dakar of Europe’, the Rallye Breslau is recognised as
one of the world’s leading extreme off-road events with teams having to battle a 1,300km, five-day cross
country rally programme on a mix of exceptionally difficult terrains.

This year also saw a rerun of the Hannibal Stage, a night marathon which takes drivers and their
vehicles into an unknown, pitch-black area with just a road book to guide them through the wilderness.
The Mercedes team secured a fantastic podium finish by coming in second.

For those looking for a real blast of the Rallye Breslau, full (5m 50s) and abbreviated (2m 03s) videos
can be seen here.

Speaking for Truck Team Holten, Guido Vredenberg, first Navigator in the Scania, said: “For the tyres it’s
a really good test, it’s not like Formula One where you have a different tyre for rain or summer, you just
have one tyre to go on concrete, stones, sand, in very high temperatures, in water and on mud.

“They have to find the right combination, a tyre that needs to do it all and you know that’s not easy, but
the tyres we have are perfect. In eight years only one puncture. The Giti tyres are like an elephant, it’s
strong and it’s big and it’s good for every situation, it won’t let you down.”

Maikel Follon, Technical Field Engineer for Giti Tire and tyre support for Rallye Breslau, added: “The Giti
GAO897 was originally designed as a robust commercial truck tyre built to tackle extreme terrains,
however its remarkable durability and performance make it a perfect contender for off-road truck rallies.

“The successful demonstration at Rallye Breslau highlights the exceptional engineering and
craftmanship that goes into Giti tyres, ensuring they deliver peak performance in the most demanding
and adrenaline-fueled environments.

“All this information is then used by our teams around the world, including our European Research and
Development Centre in Hannover, Germany, as they develop the next generation of everyday tyres for
commercial vehicles and cars.”

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