Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 awarded test win by ADAC

Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 has become the first all-season tyre to ever receive a ‘Good’ rating in an ADAC tyre test, having won the German organisation’s 16-inch all-season tire test published this week.

ADAC, Europe’s largest automobile association, in collaboration with its Austrian and Swiss counterparts ÖAMTC and TCS, tested 16 all-season tyres in terms of safety on snow, wet and dry conditions, as well as environmental balance. The test was carried out on Volkswagen Golf with the popular 205/55 R16 fitment.

Awarding Goodyear’s all-season tyre first place in the ranking, ADAC’s testers remarked on a “well-tuned”1 tyre without “glaring weaknesses in any area” 1, whilst noting good results on wet and wintry roads2. Good environmental balance, determined by high efficiency, low tyre wear and an above-average predicted mileage was integral for its victory.

Indeed, Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 proved best in mileage achieving 67,000 km, which is 45.6% more than the worst-performing candidate in the test in terms of mileage.

Ben Glesener, Regional Technology Director, Goodyear EMEA, commented on the test success: “Goodyear’s continued recognition in prestigious tests highlights our continuous development of trailblazing technology. We are particularly proud that Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 has become the first all-season tyre to achieve ADAC’s overall ‘Good’ ranking, underlining its capabilities across dry, wet and snowy conditions combined with outstanding mileage.”

1) ADAC tyre test 25 June 2024. All-season tyres. Size tested: 205/55R16. Test vehicle: Volkswagen Golf.
2) Quotes translated from original German.

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