ISN Garage Assist Sets New Run-Flat Tyre Fitting Standard

ISN Garage Assist, known for its expertise in tyre changers and wheel balancers, has recently introduced a new standard called ARC (Absolute Run-Flat Compatibility) for tyre fitting technology.

This standard aims to ensure that customers who invest in their equipment receive top-notch performance and capability.

To test the machines’ run-flat compatibility claims, the company obtained a variety of run-flat tyres from leading manufacturers and subjected their tyre changers to rigorous testing. The goal was to confirm that all models claiming total run-flat compatibility truly lived up to their promises.

James Boon, the Managing Director of ISN Garage Assist, expressed concerns about the influx of budget tyre changers from the Far East, some of which offer low-cost imitations of Italian-developed accessories. These cheaper options often struggle to handle more challenging tyre technology. ISN Garage Assist wanted to guarantee that their customers could have complete confidence in the performance and durability of their tyre machines.

The testing process resulted in a two-tier standard: ARC and ARC+. The ARC designation signifies that the machine can handle any run-flat tyre effectively. On the other hand, ARC+ applies to their more automated or higher-spec models, providing an even higher level of ease and speed. ARC+ represents the gold standard for those seeking a high-performance tyre changer.

As one of the leading garage equipment suppliers in the UK, ISN Garage Assist has established itself as a market leader, particularly through its renowned Hofmann Megaplan and Balco brands.

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