Massimo Tyres Welcomes new Brand Ambassador

In an exciting development for the motorsport community, Massimo Tyres proudly announces Vikki Weaver-Lynch as its newest Brand Ambassador.

Vikki, a rising star in the world of amateur drifting, captured attention last year as the recipient of the prestigious Most Improved Driver title in Drift League GB after an impressive debut season. Now, she joins forces with Massimo Tyres to champion their innovative approach in the UK tyre market.

Massimo Tyres pride themselves on being one of the most forward-thinking tyre brands to enter the UK market in recent times. With Vikki joining the team, their aim is to further strengthen their commitment to innovation and performance within the motorsport community.

“We are delighted to welcome Vikki Weaver-Lynch as our brand ambassador,” said a spokesperson for Massimo Tyres. “Her remarkable journey in Drift League GB showcases her talent and determination, and we are excited to support her as she continues to climb the ranks in British motorsport. Vikki represents the spirit of Massimo Tyres, and we look forward to seeing her drive this year and beyond.”

Vikki’s signing comes on the heels of Massimo Tyres becoming the key sponsors of the MX5 CUP by 5 Club Racing, solidifying their dedication to supporting grassroots motorsport in the UK.

Vikki will be hitting the track on Massimo Leone L1 high-performance tyres, and in early testing, she expressed her admiration for their performance, stating, “The Massimo Leone L1 tyres have been incredible in early testing. Their grip and responsiveness give me the confidence to push myself further on the track.”

In response to her new role as a Massimo Tyres Brand Ambassador, Vikki commented, “I am absolutely thrilled to join Massimo Tyres as a brand ambassador. It’s an honour to be associated with a company that shares my passion for innovation and performance. I look forward to working closely with the Massimo team throughout the year, and I can’t wait to hit the track and showcase what we can achieve together.”

You can see how Vikki gets on via Facebook @vikkiamateurdrifter and Instagram @wanabe_drifter_vikki or visit

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