New Ultra-High-Performance Summer Tyre To Launch

Apollo Tyres has confirmed it will launch a new Vredestein ultra-high-performance summer tyre next spring, its first all-new product in the category since 2012.

The Vredestein Ultrac Pro has been engineered to deliver an unrivalled combination of advanced handling capabilities and superior driving comfort – at an accessible price.

Currently undergoing its final phase of real-world testing, the Ultrac Pro will be offered in a wide range of sizes suitable for 18- to 24-inch rims to ensure compatibility with a broad spectrum of sportscars, supercars and high-performance saloons, hatchbacks and SUVs.

The last entirely new Vredestein ultra-high-performance summer tyre to be launched was the Ultrac Vorti, which has been optimised over the past decade to maintain its competitiveness. The Ultrac Pro debuts a new structure, new tread design and new materials, and represents a significant step forward from the current Ultrac Vorti+ family of tyres.

The new Ultrac Pro benefits from considerable recent investments by Apollo Tyres’ in its global R&D and manufacturing capabilities, including the rollout of an in-house, state-of-the-art virtual prototyping and simulation platform.

The launch of the Vredestein Ultrac Pro will mark 25 years of close collaboration with Italdesign/Giugiaro. The iconic design and engineering firm has again been responsible for the sidewall design of an all-new Vredestein tyre, this time creating the industry’s first truly asymmetric look. This will give the Ultrac Pro a highly distinctive aesthetic, ensuring it stands out in an intensely competitive segment.

Benoit Rivallant, President and CEO of Apollo Tyres Europe said: “Vredestein is particularly well known in the all-season tyre segment, but the summer and high-performance categories are increasingly important for us – both commercially and in terms of our market penetration across Europe. Developing performance-focused all-season products, including Europe’s first all-season EV tyre, is helping us set new standards in the summer tyre category. Across key performance criteria that matter most to customers, the Ultrac Pro will redefine expectations in the category.”

Further details of the Vredestein Ultrac Pro – including test data and available dimensions – will be announced ahead of the official launch in the first quarter of 2024.

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