NEXEN TYRE announced that it has become a full member of the Global Data Service Organization (GDSO) for Tires and Automotive Components.

The membership underlines NEXEN TYRE’s position as one of the world’s leading tyre manufacturers and its commitment to advancing the industry with technical innovations.

The Global Data Service Organization (GDSO) for tyres and automotive components is an international non-profit association that focuses on the following key areas:

Standardisation of data-related aspects around tyres.
Defining solutions for access and data exchange development and developing online solutions.
Promoting the use of the GDS to external stakeholders.
Representing GDSO members to external organisations and bodies.

The decision to become a full member of the GDSO demonstrates NEXEN TYRE’s commitment to actively contribute to the realisation of the association’s objectives. This includes providing reliable, up-to-date and accurate data for the tyre data management platform through specially developed and continuously improved applications.

DC KIM, Vice President of NEXEN TYRE Europe commented, “By joining the GDSO as a full member and by providing reliable data, we as a tyre manufacturer want to make a positive contribution to the further development of the tyre industry and play an active role in shaping it.”

The company is helping to set new standards in the tyre industry with technical innovations. For example, an RFID-linked serialised identifier is integrated into the tyres.

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