Pro-Align Software Upgrades to Maximise Kwik Fit’s Offering to Customers

Pro-Align, the UK’s sole distributor of Hunter wheel servicing equipment, is to deepen its partnership with Kwik Fit following a major software announcement that will see more than 600 sites across the UK adopt new and improved technology to increase accuracy and efficiency.

Kwik Fit has been using the Hunter Elite TD wheel aligner at its locations across the country since 2014. However, recent developments made by Hunter to its WinAlign software, have created new opportunities to maximise the speed, efficiency and accuracy of wheel alignment and, as a result, increase efficiencies and revenue opportunities.

The latest WinAlign 17 software provides workshops with the fastest alignment readings and comprehensive graphic printouts pre- and post-alignment. The rollout will also provide Kwik Fit with access to the HunterNet portal and Hunter database upgrade for new-vehicle specifications and step-by-step vehicle-specific instructions for the next five years. The new upgrades will future proof Kwik Fit’s fleet of aligners, offering security updates until 2029.

Clive Seabrook, CEO, Pro-Align said: “We’re delighted to be deepening our eight-year relationship with Kwik Fit. The advances that are made possible by the latest WinAlign 17 software will make a significant and tangible difference to the service Kwik Fit can provide to its customers.”

Pro-Align’s upgrades will enhance vehicle compatibility with the Hunter Mercedes-Benz Inclinometer, which is the only aftermarket tool capable of gauge ride height by measuring the angle of the lower control arm on Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Additionally, the new Hunter Live Ride Height Targets, which are critical for ride-height dependent BMWs, can reduce the time taken to align a BMW by four minutes per car. Once rolled out across the network, Kwik Fit estimates 81,250 technician hours – more than 56 days – per month could be saved on servicing BMW models alone.

Andy Lane, marketing director, Kwik Fit said: “Pro-Align is already firmly integrated into our business, so we’re excited to see the latest updates rolled out across our UK network. The package will ensure we can continue to provide our customers with a market-leading offering. We’re especially looking forward to further enhancing our comprehensive service to drivers of Mercedes-Benz and BMW models.”

Such features not only means that Kwik Fit is able to improve its offering to drivers of those vehicles, but also opportunities to increase its service revenue and reduce customer waiting times.

To support the new software, Pro-Align has agreed a robust training strategy which will see 2000 Kwik Fit technicians trained on how to use the equipment, including features specific to BMW and Mercedes-Benz models. The upgrade rollout began in August 2022 and is scheduled for completion by January 2023.

Pro-Align will also be installing the Hunter Elite TD system with upgraded software across 14 Kwik Fit and Tyre Pros centres, with one site investing in a new Hunter DSP706 aligner for its workshop.

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