The Importance of Good Tyre Choices on Holiday

Get ready: adjust tire pressures before hitting the road. Safety comes first: replace worn tires before the start of a holiday. Watch out with rental cars: inspect tires carefully before setting off.

The summer holidays are coming up in almost all European regions, often in the period from June to late September. However long your own holidays last, they will hopefully provide an opportunity to relax and enjoy some free time. But for car tyres, it’s a period when the hard work really starts. Before departing on holiday, motorists should make sure their tyres are ready for the operational demands ahead. Tyre manufacturer Continental warns that long journeys at high speeds as well as underinflation can put tyres under great strain. For this reason, motorists should carry out a quick check of their tyres. This includes adjusting the tyre pressure to the vehicle load, checking the tread depth and looking for signs of damage, such as embedded nails or stones. Users should also meticulously inspect the tyres on a rental car before they drive it away.

Cars will usually be carrying a higher load on holiday journeys, and the correct tyre pressure for this scenario can be found in the owner’s manual or on a label inside the fuel filler flap, on the door pillar or in the glove compartment. Here, users will find figures for a laden and an unladen vehicle. While adjusting the pressures, drivers can also check whether the tread is still deep enough. The minimum tread depth in the EU is 1.6 millimeters, and tyres should be replaced at the very latest when the tread is approaching this threshold. Are any of the tread blocks damaged, are there any bulges in the sidewall, have nails or screws become embedded in the tyre? It is also essential not to forget the (space-saver) spare wheel when inflating the tyres. The experts at a local workshop or tyre retailer will be happy to assist motorists who cannot or would prefer not to carry out the check themselves or are in doubt about the roadworthiness of their tyres. Motorists who heed these tips will then be able to set off on their summer holidays safe in the knowledge that their tyres are ready for the journey.

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