The Innovation Packed Vredestein Ultra-Utra High Performance Tyre

The Vredestein Ultrac Pro, an all-new ultra-ultra-high-performance (UUHP) summer tyre set to be launched this spring, will feature a highly innovative structure and an advanced new tread compound that give it a unique combination of superior handling and class-leading comfort.

The new tyre has been engineered for a broad range of high-performance vehicles and supercars equipped with wheel rims up to 24 inches in diameter.

Compared to previous Vredestein UUHP tyres and established products in the category, there are significant differences in the layout of materials within the structure of the tyre. This is particularly evident in the bead area and lower sidewall area close to the rim, which have been completely rethought. This has resulted in a design that makes the tyre stable at high speeds and during aggressive cornering, while at the same time offering a smooth ride over rutted surfaces.

In addition, the tyre tread will incorporate an all-new, highly advanced new-generation compound produced by a smart mixing process using state-of-the-art polymers, fillers and performance resins to guarantee wet and dry grip in a wide range of temperatures.

Rethought performance tyre structure

“The Ultrac Pro meets the most demanding performance and handling targets that we defined during the product development phase, while also delivering a smooth and comfortable ride,” explains Daniele Lorenzetti, Chief Technology Officer at Apollo Tyres. “This tyre breaks new ground, being very different from its high-performance counterparts that typically require a clear compromise – performance or comfort.”

The resistance to bead deformation has been increased by 85% as a result of re-engineering the components in the bead area, which is ideal for low profile high-performance tyres.

“This increased stability gives the tyre a higher degree of stiffness in its lower section, greatly limiting lateral distortion during hard cornering,” adds Lorenzetti. “Crucially, it also reduces the requirement for the sidewall to give the tyre much of its lateral stability.”

The higher stiffness in the bead rim area allowed engineers to design the Ultrac Pro’s sidewall with a thinner profile, giving the tyre a much larger ‘flex-zone’ and a far higher degree of natural compliance when travelling over rutted surfaces. The optimised design has also significantly reduced the weight of the tyre and improved the sustainability of the product.

The area where the sidewall meets the tread – known as the shoulder area – has been redesigned, using more flexible materials. This has allowed the Apollo Tyres R&D team to further improve the Ultrac Pro’s ride compliance over rougher surfaces, as well as minimise rolling resistance. Optimal balance between tread, sidewalls and bead area has also enabled a perfect footprint shape under all conditions.

The Ultrac Pro will be offered in a wide range of sizes, from 18- to 24-inch rims, and has been optimised for a broad spectrum of sportscars, supercars and high-performance saloons, hatchbacks and SUVs.

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