Two new Vredestein tyres enhance choice for gravel bike riders

The Vredestein bicycle tyre range is being expanded with the addition of two all-new gravel-biased products.

The new Grezzo features an aggressive tread pattern which is ideal for those who pursue their riding thrills primarily off-road, while the new Seta has a more balanced design, perfect for those seeking smoother riding and enough grip and traction for gravel roads.

The gravel segment has grown rapidly over recent years, and the diversification of the Vredestein range is intended to meet the needs and preferences of an even wider range of riders.

Both the Seta and Grezzo can be fitted as tubeless or with an inner tube, and feature the Vredestein brand’s proven TriComp technology. Used in many acclaimed Vredestein bicycle tyres, TriComp features different tread and shoulder compounds that improve handling and grip. The centre of the tread features a harder rubber compound for lower rolling resistance, while the shoulder of the tyre is made of a softer compound to provide more grip in corners.

For asphalt and fast gravel lanes

The Vredestein Seta is the perfect choice for cyclists who ride mainly on asphalt, but do not want to compromise on performance when travelling over rougher surfaces.

The tyre features a robust 120 TPI carcass for high levels of durability and protection. A smooth central tread area ensures low levels of rolling resistance, while the larger shoulder studs provide impressive grip on loose or muddy surfaces, especially when cornering.

The Seta is available in 700 x 38C and 700 x44C sizes and comes in either a Black/Black or Black/Transparent finish.

For trails and rougher terrain

For riders who ride primarily on trails or encounter loose surfaces more frequently, the new Vredestein Grezzo delivers superior grip and traction thanks to its more aggressive, gravel-specific tread design.

It combines a robust yet supple 120 TPI carcass with pronounced shoulder knobs. The Grezzo 44C variant delivers excellent grip without compromising rolling resistance, while the even more robust 50C version provides toughness – perfect for long-distance rides and bikepacking.

The Grezzo is available in 700 x 44C and 650B x 50C sizes and comes in either a Black/Black or Black/Transparent finish.

Vredestein brand products have a long heritage in the bicycle market, with the first products manufactured for the sector in 1910. Now part of the global Apollo Tyres family, Vredestein tyres are acclaimed for outperforming leading brands while being available at an affordable price point.

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