Tyresure Now Offers Tesla BLE Sensor

Tyresure is proud to offer an aftermarket BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) sensor for Tesla vehicles.

The aptly named T-Pro Hybrid BLE is a direct replacement for the Tesla OE sensor manufactured by Sysgration.

Tesla vehicles equipped with BLE sensors are Model 3 (Oct 2020+), Model S (June 2021+), Model X (Oct 2022+) and Model Y (Oct 2020+). With sales exceeding 34,000 units, the Tesla Model 3 was the UK’s best-selling EV in 2021*. The increasing popularity coincides with a growing demand for an aftermarket sensor as garages see more Tesla vehicles. Tyresure encourages garages to prepare for the electric revolution.

The T-Pro Hybrid BLE and OE sensor work in the same way. As with the genuine article, this aftermarket solution transmits accurate pressure data via BLE and automatically pairs with the vehicle’s TPMS while driving. Therefore, a TPMS tool is not required to complete the relearn. Nor is one needed for programming. The T-Pro Hybrid BLE is pre-programmed for said Tesla vehicles, enabling the technician to skip this step and save time.

Furthermore, customers can choose between three metal Clamp-In valves (black, graphite or silver), each designed to complement the alloy wheel.

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