Vredestein offer Updated Tubeless Accessory Range

Vredestein offer Updated Tubeless Accessory Range

The Vredestein tubeless accessories range has been revamped, delivering products that are suitable for road bikes, gravel bikes and mountain bikes (MTBs).

The new tubeless products include an updated tubeless tyre sealant, as well as all-new valves and rim tape, which together ensure a worry-free set-up for customers.

Tubeless tyres have grown in popularity across all cycling disciplines, with professional athletes and enthusiasts embracing the potential for increases in overall speed, a smoother ride and the significantly reduced risk of punctures and pinch flats. With the updated Vredestein tubeless products, cyclists now have an advanced new option.

Updated sealant for low and high pressures

The sealant available with the Vredestein tubeless range has been completely redeveloped. The higher-viscosity formulation includes biodegradable particles that seal holes up to 7mm across more rapidly and is effective at both low and high pressures.

In addition, the tyre sealant does not contain any natural latex or ammonia, ensuring it is less harmful to the bike and rider’s clothes. The bottle cap contains an integrated valve-core extractor tool, which allows the user to easily check and add more sealant to the tyre, in case needed. The tyre sealant is available in 150ml and 250ml bottles.

“We’ve offered tubeless sealant for a long time; following our sustainability approach, we realised the need to renew the formula,” says Alexander Mai, General Manager of Two Wheel Tyres at Apollo Tyres. “The latest iteration of our popular sealant rapidly plugs leaks and small punctures while riding, promoting confidence when on long rides and across harsh surfaces.”

Tubeless valves

The all new lightweight aluminium tubeless valves are available in 50mm and 70mm lengths, and in a black finish, designed to work with road-, gravel- and MTB-wheels. The valves have been manufactured in one piece and have a short installation height for ease of fitment.

The 4mm wide valve shaft also improves accessibility when filling the tyre with sealant, while the rubber O-ring prevents damage to the rim and helps with sealing. The aluminium valve cap also doubles as a valve core extractor-tool.

Tubeless rim tape

The new tubeless rim tape makes setting up wheels easy, creating an airtight seal without the need of an inner tube. Easy to handle and extremely durable, the Vredestein rim tape provides the foundations of an effective and long-lasting tubeless set up.

The rim tape is available in widths of 19, 21, 23 and 23mm and in a length of 10m.

All in POS Display Box

To ensure an impressive presentation in a retail environment all new accessories will be offered in a countertop display box.

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