Vredeveld Capitalises on the Benefits of Digital Tyre Monitoring

The Vredeveld Group, an internationally active logistics company in the Netherlands, uses ContiConnect digital tyre monitoring tech from Continental.

This family-owned company’s modern fleet benefits in a number of different ways from continuous tyre monitoring using this handy and easy-to-use solution. For one thing, fleet efficiency is greatly improved. And fuel consumption and carbon emissions can both be lowered substantially too. This feeds into the corporate strategy of the forward-thinking Vredeveld Group: “We have very ambitious goals for the future,” says Mischa Vredeveld, the company’s General Manager. “Our mission is to cut CO2 emissions significantly. ContiConnect plays a key role here and gives us the tools we need to achieve these CO2 reductions.”

Digitalization and IT: major reduction in fleet costs

The company is based in the village of Hoogersmilde in the north of the Netherlands, operates four sites, has about 200 employees and is still expanding its business. Its certified fleet of highly sophisticated vehicles is made up of 125 trucks and 200 semitrailers. These are used by the logistics company for transporting bulk goods – including foodstuffs, such as flour, potato flakes and salt, and building materials, such as lime and sand-lime bricks – both nationally and worldwide. The company’s internal processes have been digitalized as far as possible. Innovative IT solutions are used to optimize supply chains with the aim of minimizing the total cost of ownership (TCO). The tyre management system from Continental also does its bit to help here. “ContiConnect offers us several forms of savings,” explains the company’s boss. “Firstly, we have fewer breakdowns out on the road meaning less downtime. Secondly, we save fuel. And thirdly, we lower our CO2 emissions.” The fuel saving is described as being of particular importance: “Our vehicles use around 3.5 to 4 million liters of fuel a year. Even if we can save just one, two or three percent, we are already talking about a lot of money.”

Putting the customer first: modular concept paves the way for customised tyre monitoring solutions

Vredeveld opted for the ContiConnect Live module. It is suited to both the fleet vehicles which are on the road for several days at a time and trucks that return to base every day. “One of the important features of ContiConnect Live is the tracking function that lets the dispatcher at headquarters locate the driver if a tyre is losing pressure,” explains Bart Piceu, Digital Solutions Manager at Continental. Vredeveld uses the ContiConnect Live module for 24/7 monitoring of vehicles that are out on trips lasting several days. Continental also offers a solution for fleets where vehicles return to the depot every day with Conti Connect Yard. Here, the tyre data is transmitted as the vehicles pass the fixed reader station and relayed to the fleet manager.

Predictive maintenance: cutting costs, increasing operational reliability

The manager of Vredeveld’s fleet, Frans Gerding, highlights further benefits to be had from the use of ContiConnect: “When it comes to maintenance, the greatest challenge lies in ensuring that the vehicles remain operational at all times. If a vehicle breaks down on the road, that generates considerable costs.” ContiConnect makes sure that the vehicles are always operating with the correct tyre pressures. This alone can prevent many punctures, saving time and money. “The live monitoring function via tablet or smartphone has therefore become an indispensable tool for us,” says the fleet manager, underlining the benefits of digital tyre monitoring. “With Continental and the ContiConnect system, we’ve found a partner who takes all our tyre worries away,” concludes company boss Mischa Vredeveld, with a smile on his face.

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