Waidhan now retreading OTR Tyres Up To 57”

Waidhan Engineering & Industries Pvt Ltd (WEI), has expanded its range by retreading the largest size of OTR casing.

The first batch of retreaded tyres in the 40.00R57 size, which are fitted on 240-ton dump trucks, was recently provided by WEI. WEI has retreaded the 40.00R57 size tyre for the first time on the 240 Ton dump truck, the heaviest vehicle in use at Indian mine sites.

WEI intend to open a new plant that will solely focus on ultra large OTR tyres that are installed on 150T, 170T, 190T, and 240T Dump Trucks. This facility is anticipated to be operational by the end of the year.

The WEI Singruali plant now has a curing press for casings up to 57″ in diameter and polishing and construction equipment that can handle OTR casings up to 63″ in size. One of India’s largest coal mines is using tyres in the 57″ size.

Before the only choice was to buy brand-new, imported radial OTR tyres, which are expensive and take a long time to arrive. Users can anticipate significant savings with the retreading of ultra-large OTR tyres in terms of decreased new tyre purchases and inventory expenses, as well as the availability of tyres for a considerably shorter period than with new tyres.

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