ZC Rubber at Agritechnica 2023

ZC Rubber is gearing up to unveil its latest agricultural radial tyre innovations under the TIANLI brand at Agritechnica 2023.

This premier agricultural event will take place in Hannover, Germany, from November 12th to 18th, with ZC Rubber’s showcase located in Hall 03, Booth 03E03.

The spotlight at this year’s Agritechnica will be on two remarkable additions to the TIANLI brand family: the AGRI KING and LAND CARE tyre patterns.

AGRI KING stands out as an agricultural radial tyre designed to excel in high-horsepower tractor applications. This versatile performer boasts exceptional load-carrying capacity while minimizing soil compaction, making it a farmer’s ally in enhancing traction and productivity. The AGRI KING’s distinctive curved wedge structure ensures robust traction, stability, and comfort. Featuring VF (Very High Flexion) technology across its complete size range, this tyre operates at lower air pressure while maintaining high load capacity, thus reducing soil disruption without compromising strength. (VF tyres can carry up to 40% more load at the same pressure or work with 40% less pressure at the same load compared to standard tyres.) Its parallel arc pattern ensures excellent self-cleaning properties on muddy terrain. Additionally, the AGRI KING’s wider footprint area enhances fuel efficiency and farm productivity, optimizing tractor performance while reducing costs and preserving precious soil resources.

LAND CARE, on the other hand, is a bias tyre tailored for wheeled excavators and backhoe loaders, suitable for both on-site and urban applications, with a primary focus on soil protection. It delivers exceptional grip, traction, and tire longevity across various road surfaces, thanks to its low-pressure ground ratio. The tyre’s extra-wide, high-flotation tread design minimizes soil disturbance and improves traction on soft terrain, while large pattern blocks in the center ensure a comfortable driving experience. The steel-belted tread enhances treadwear, stability, and resistance to punctures and field hazards. LAND CARE’s substantial load capacity and stability make it an ideal choice for heavy auxiliary machines in a range of work applications. Moreover, it is also available for urban use, including highway and railway applications.

In addition to AGRI KING and LAND CARE, TIANLI will showcase several other exceptional products at Agritechnica 2023, including the BACKTRACK RADIAL SUPREME (BRS) tyre, DEFENDER row crop tyre, GRASS KING FLOTATION (G-K-F) tyre, and YONGGU rubber track solutions.

ZC Rubber, the driving force behind the TIANLI brand, expressed its commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship. “As a highly experienced and recognized brand of agricultural tyres, TIANLI has been advancing innovative tyre technologies with a strong commitment to supporting environmental protection. At Agritechnica 2023, TIANLI will present its latest high-performance agricultural solutions that will boost the efficiency and productivity of farming today and tomorrow,” stated ZC Rubber.

Having been a leader in application-specific tyres for 38 years, TIANLI is known for pioneering agricultural radial tyres in China and offering customized solutions to a global clientele. In 2022, ZC Rubber successfully completed the acquisition of Tianjin United Tire & Rubber International Co., Ltd. (TUTRIC), the manufacturer of the TIANLI tyre brand. TIANLI now operates under the umbrella of the ZC Rubber Group, specializing in agricultural, forestry, construction, mining, earthmoving, port, and sand service tyres, reaffirming its commitment to excellence in serving diverse industries.

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