Simple checks to ensure your tyres are safe

Davanti Tyres’ general manager, Peter Cross said: “Tyres are rarely seen as a safety feature of a car, but they are the only element connecting your car to the road

Bridgestone findings reveal risk to UK drivers

Bridgestone is embarking on a tyre safety drive with motorists across the UK, after 81% admitted to never checking their tyres and only 14% described them as the most important safety feature on their cars.(1)

Davanti’s Winter Range Explained

With the winter months creeping up on motorists, Davanti Tyres boasts a comprehensive range of tyres ready for the change in seasons.

Halfords Postpones Majority of Tyre Payments until 2024

In an effort to prioritize driver safety amidst financial constraints, Halfords, a leading UK car product retailer, has announced a new initiative to defer nearly all costs associated with purchasing new tyres until 2024.

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